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Have you suffered illness due to a Cyclospora infection whilst on holiday? Has the Travel Agent refused to acknowledge or take responsibility for your illness? Want the best service possible? I can act for you on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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“I was in a lot of discomfort with my stomach and then in the early hours I had to go to the toilet and my diarrhoea started. When it started it just didn’t seem to stop at all. No sooner was I back in bed then I was back in the bathroom……. The bloating was getting worse and I looked eight months pregnant

a client’s description of the effect of her Cyclospora infection

    Cyclospora is one of the most troubling food poisoning pathogens. Clients who contract this particularly nasty parasite tend to suffer for months before they recover in full. Holidaymakers are at higher risks of obtaining Cyclospora infections when they travel to high risk areas such as Mexico

    The incubation time (the time between infection and symptoms presenting) for Cyclospora is 2-11 days, meaning that Defendant Travel Agents will argue that you could have been infected whilst at home (either before you arrived at the hotel or after you arrived back in the UK).

    The key to success is knowing how to prove that (a) the infection was more likely than not during your time at the hotel and (b) despite the unique features of Cyclospora, the most likely cause of the infection was due to consumption of contaminated food

    Cyclospora is resistant to chlorine and therefore even if a swimming pool is maintained correctly by the hotel, you could still become infected. As the hotel would have complied with local standards the travel agent would not be liable. However there is a secret to proving that only the hotel’s food could be the cause of the Cyclospora infection. Only lawyers with sufficient experience in dealing with Cyclsopora claims will know how……

    Why you should instruct Alec Hancock to act for you in your Cyclospora compensation claim?

    Instructing me means you know what you are getting. I am a qualified lawyer who has years of experience in personal injury claims and I specialise in holiday sickness claims.

    When you instruct a law firm you do not know who will have conduct of your claim. Many law firms will have inexperienced, unqualified people running cases – however with me, you know exactly who will be acting for you.

    I am also available evening and weekends when most law firms are closed. Even my opponents are amazed by my ability to deal with matters swiftly and promptly

    Alec, I am always amazed how quickly you respond to my emails.

    Director of a specialised Law Firm who act for one of the major tour operators in the UK.

    Contact me and find out if you are eligible for No Win, No Fee representation for your Cyclospora Claim!

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    So why should you instruct me?

    • I have significant experience in Cyclospora cases. I understand the characteristics of Cyclospora which is vital to be able to successful prepare your case

    • Instructing a firm can mean an inexperienced, unqualified person running your case, but with me, you know exactly who I am.

    • I understand that you aren’t always available to speak during office hours, so I can be available to talk to you in the evenings or weekends.

    • Most holiday sickness  lawyers, in firms, have lots of cases but I work for myself as a Consultant and only need a few cases so I have more time to dedicate time deal with your case.

    • Most law firms have a set way they want their file handlers to run a case, but because I am a consultant, I choose the best way to run your case for you

    • I know the right experts needed to succeed in your claim.


    Why should I instruct Alec Hancock rather than a law firm directly for my holiday sickness claim?

    As a Consultant Lawyer, I do not have the same overheads as a law firm (such as paying for office space, equipment, staff members) and as such do not have to take on as many client compared with lawyers in a law firm. Some holiday sickness law firms can have lawyers dealing with a case load in excess of 100 cases.

    I do not have that issue and as such will have more time to deal with your case. You don’t have to compromise quality yet your claim will be still dealt on the same “No Win, No Fee” as any other personal injury firm.

    How can I afford to pursue a claim? I cannot afford to pay the legal fees

    Our claims are run on a No Win, No Fee basis (called a Conditional Fee Agreement) which means that you don’t have to pay anything out of your own pocket. If you are unsuccessful or if the chances of your case winning decrease because of some unexpected evidence, you will walk away with no cost to you and no liability for the other side’s legal costs.*

    Will I still be able to book a holiday with the travel agent if I bring a claim against them?

    Of course, it is your statutory right to bring a claim for redress if there has been a failure to perform contract or there has been a breach of your terms. Many of my clients book holidays with the Defendant whilst bringing a claim again them with no issues.

    How much compensation am I entitled to?

    There is no fixed amount of compensation. It will be decided based on duration, severity and the effect the illness has on you. The Judicial College Guidelines state that food poisoning which leads to varying degrees of disabling pain, cramps and diarrhoea or some days or weeks will usually be awarded a figure between £860 and £3,710.

    This is in addition to any financial losses you have incurred as a result of the illness and an award for loss of enjoyment and value of the holiday.

    *you must ensure you remain honest throughout, follow my advice and ensure you give clear instructions. Providing you do this, you will never have to worry about paying any legal costs at all.

    What Have My Clients Said About Me?

    From the very start of the very complicated process right up to the end Alec has been extremely helpful, sympathetic, and understanding he always answered our many questions straight away and was really good in also explaining the process of the claim procedure at each stage through to its successful conclusion.”

    A Atherton – Review on MJW Law Google Reviews

    “Alec was extremely professional and organised throughout the process, we were always updated regularly and never left in the dark, Thankyou Alec…..highly recommended”

    Rachel Floyd – Review on MJW Law Google Reviews

    “I had the pleasure of dealing with Alec who was supportive, gave clear and logical advice and helped us through a case that was long and very drawn out. It was Alec that gave us the confidence to see it through to it successful conclusion. Great service.”

    David Gettins – Review on MJW Law Google Reviews

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